The Saucy Fish Co.

Building a brand with effective content marketing and PR

As The Saucy Fish Co.’s lead agency, Amaze helps put a splash of colour in a sea of blandness

 Using content marketing and media relations, Amaze continues to promote this innovative brand to a shoal of supermarket shoppers. By combining fish & sauce in distinctive packaging paired with a lively personality, we provide simple, colourful mealtime inspiration: Fish Minus the Fuss.

Deeper brand engagement and audience connection

With Amaze at the helm, The Saucy Fish Co.’s marketing channels are packed full of valuable and relevant content for customers to break down barriers to cooking fish. We use media relations to tell the product story, animated TV creative to tell the brand story, social media to define personality and live demonstrations/appearances to introduce the people and the dishes. This integrated communications approach that delivers a connected experience to consumers across multiple channels.

The digital heart of the brand is content hub called The Dock. This is packed full of videos, recipes and features with a monthly magazine taking inspiration from high quality food and drink editorial.

The Dock gives consumers a reason to spend time with the brand and enables us to serve up valuable and relevant content direct to fish fanatics who need inspiration and news, fish wannabees who need advice and tips and fish frighteners who need a helping hand, every step of the way.

See the Fish Chowder and Fish Monger videos. 

As the brand is rooted in strong iconography, we’ve been able to have fun and put our Saucy in the most unexpected places, from Valentines Day to the latest film release. We know Saucy fans share our passion too. When our animated cat made his first appearance on TV, the community took him into their hearts. Over 1,000 fans gave a name for their new feline friend and today Grimsby the Cat is a regular set of whiskers across our social media channels.


In five years, The Saucy Fish Co. has grown into a £35m brand. It is listed in five major supermarkets, expanded its range to 18 different products and launched in Australia, America and Belgium. In 2013 it was also awarded CoolBrand®status – the first fish brand to ever receive the accolade - placing it alongside the likes of Burberry, Apple and Liberty London 

And the story continues…

Just to be sure that consumers knew how easy it is to cook fish the PR team recently staged a restaurant takeover – The School of Fish, where 20 kids, aged six, cooked lunch for 150 unsuspecting diners, proving it’s so easy even a child can cook it.