Pizza Hut

Fully responsive personalised experience

Tasked with delivering a completely fresh online experience with a unique personalised feel

With new owners in 2012, Pizza Hut Restaurants were poised to transform their brand in celebration of their 40th birthday celebrations. One of the most trusted names in casual dining needed our help to create a whole new identity online.

Pizza Hut Restaurants’ old website wasn’t able to support the wide-reaching ambitions of the brand or satisfy the needs of the diner. It also didn’t show off their product particularly well. 

Our Approach

Embarking on a business-wide brand revolution programme, our strategy was to place digital at the heart of the brand’s marketing and communications programme.

The decision was taken to run two major workstreams in parallel: a new site design and build, and new brand communications. Amaze set out to energise, personalise and unify all of Pizza Hut's digital channels by leading out on all campaigns from concepts to execution, across all channels, including outdoor and cinema. 

Device showcase
Device showcase
Device showcase


With results from the site looking strong, restaurant bookings up and an increase in pages being viewed, the client is very happy with the results so far.

  • 25% increase in visit duration
  • 75% increase in number of pages viewed per visit
  • 32% increase in bookings
  • 1.5 million YouTube campaign views 
  • Extensive consumer data capture