Pizza Hut Restaurants - Loyalty App

How a first-of-its-kind reward app has helped a 40 year old brand find a new generation of fans

Pizza Hut Restaurants has been a firm favourite in the UK for over 40 years

Staying that way has meant constantly reinventing itself to appeal to the next generation of casual diners. Having recently reimagined its restaurants and menus, Pizza Hut Restaurants wanted to refresh its digital offering.

At the heart of the digital reimagining was a new site that, in the increasingly competitive casual dining industry, would boost brand image and drive commercial revenue. Yet in appealing to millennials, Pizza Hut Restaurants knew a site wasn’t enough. Being distinctive required a new way of understanding what customers – and especially millennials - really want from the Pizza Hut Restaurants experience, and giving it to them.

Our approach and solution

Amaze is no stranger to the world of the millennial. For 5 years, the Amaze Generation study has explored what digital natives expect from brands, and we used this understanding to inform the Pizza Hut Restaurants project.

Key to its success was turning Pizza Hut Restaurants new brand direction, ‘Taste Freedom’ into a digital offering. We did that principally through a new reward app, one of the first of its kind in the UK for a casual dining restaurant.

Built by Adactus and designed and supported by Amaze, the first phase of the app enables customers to book tables, order take-away and collect rewards when dining in. As the app is used, it collects data on the guest’s digital behaviour, then integrates it with Pizza Hut Restaurants CRM system, building a single customer view that can be used to offer highly targeted offers based on customer preferences and location.

Another key element of the app design is its ability to deliver real-time feedback, which Pizza Hut Restaurants is using to further shape the business offering. Every time a guest visits a branch and uses the app, they are automatically asked a couple of short questions about their experience. The responses are helping to improve customer service, whilst the rewards given in exchange for the responses are helping to build loyalty.


Results have been hugely promising, with over 100,000 downloads in the 6 months since the national launch in May, including significant numbers of millennials.

The app has already produced a wealth of extremely valuable feedback and customer data, building a clear understanding of individual customer expectations. Pizza Hut Restaurants is easily able to collate, analyse and incorporate the data into its ongoing initiatives to optimise loyalty, improve the customer journey and further develop its offers and services.

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