Lexus RX

European launch

Launching the pioneering new generation Lexus RX SUV demanded a digital campaign approach as innovative as the product itself.

Lexus approached Amaze to create digital content to showcase the new generation RX and support the launch campaign throughout Europe. 

Our thinking needed to:

  • Bring purpose and longevity to the customer experience throughout the campaign lifecycle
  • Provide the ability to capture consumer interest and support car sale activity   
  • Have the power to reach a digitally ‘savvy’ conquest audience that is increasingly hard to impress.
RX Device Showcase
RX Device Showcase
RX Device Showcase

Our approach

Our strategy was to create two distinctive phases of activity: from revealing an innovative digital product showcase to an eager and aware audience at the prestigious Frankfurt Motor Show, to amplifying and supporting the European wide marketing campaign: Live the Life RX, fronted by Jude Law.

A beautiful and technically ambitious product exploration

Based on the insight that true luxury is a product of craftsmanship, skill and total attention to detail, our initial digital solution created a virtual reality product exploration that enabled the viewer to get incredibly close-up to the RX. To examine its design, innovative technology and artisan craftsmanship, and to discover the luxury in every detail across a range of digital channels.

Developed in partnership with industry leading VR partner agency Rewind, the experience is technically ground breaking, featuring unprecedented ultra-high quality 360° film, stunning visual effects, immersive interior and exterior camera angles and unique sound design. 

Finally, a campaign website and YouTube distributed film was produced that allowed viewers to trigger film sequences to interact with the RX, enabling viewers to turn on headlights, recline rear seats, open doors and even see the technology that sits beneath the bodywork as they explore.

Always on and fully integrated

As the campaign grew in momentum, and in our role as the digital leaders of an integrated cross-agency approach, the second phase of the RX digital campaign has been to digitally amplify the Jude Law led marketing phase of activity.

By extending the campaign positioning through digital we provided a campaign heart for all communications including search, media, social and PR.  Harnessing the above-the-line campaign, our solution enabled consumers to make decisions that shape their view of ‘The Life RX’, in continuation of the TV commercial narrative, effectively participating in the story through a personalised video-based experience and fulfilling on the campaign message and concept.

This approach helped connect consumers from campaign to product and meet key success measures: including test drive requests and subsequent conversion for both the RX model and Lexus brand.


The campaign is currently active and results are positive so far with increased dwell time and a reduction in bounce rates in key markets. The App downloads have also been really successful placing the RX app in the top 1% of branded app downloads.