Co-op Food

Helping Co-op combine campaigning, community and Christmas

The challenge

Bringing Co-op’s Christmas campaign and membership proposition to life meant making the most of all the digital functionality at our disposal, to show the two sides of every purchase. 

When Co-op approached Amaze about its Christmas 2016 campaign, the proposition was simple enough: to change perceptions of Co-op own brand quality while promoting the effects of membership. Every time a Co-op member bought an own brand product over the festive season, their purchase would earn 5% back on their membership card, and a further 1% for the Co-op’s Local Community Fund, an initiative that had already raised over £1 million for community projects across the UK.

Amaze’s challenge was to balance the messaging, making the CTA clear whilst ensuring the various layers – the quality of the food, the community benefit and the Christmas feel – didn’t obscure one another.   

Our approach and solution

The basis for our approach lay in the ‘two sides’ concept: something for you, something for your community. We saw an opportunity to do more than simply replicate the above the line messaging, instead taking a storytelling approach, using each of the channels at our disposal to engage, drive conversation and offer the occasional surprise. The channels became the core component of the activity in a way that simply would not have been possible with traditional non-digital formats.

This ‘two sides’ concept was most easily seen with the InSkin scroll activated reveal. A page takeover started with a clear food focus, then shifted as the user scrolled to reveal the cause, with messaging to tie the two together.

Co-op Christmas 1

Dynamic displays gave core products a local twist, linking, for example, the buying of own brand champagne with the impact on a local project supported by Co-op.

We developed a web campaign page that combined Christmas and community in a fluid way. Each hero image placed the spotlight on a different food and community cause, drawing a direct link between enjoying the one and benefitting the other. Mince pies and Brixton Boxing Club. Christmas cake and Southport life boat house. Champagne, Camembert and an Meanwood Urban Farm in Leeds: each pairing gave parity of prominence between food and cause, helping to keep the campaign balanced.

We expanded the 2-side concept further, across interactive video on demand services by introducing an expandable unit overlay for richer and deeper engagement that facilitated participation with both food and cause. 

Co-op Christmas 2

We also used a ‘shake’ mechanic on interstitial mobile display which was created to mimic a snow globe that users could ‘shake to reveal’ to offer dynamic messaging and a bit of Christmas fun.

Co-op Christmas 3

We continued the storytelling on social media, using Facebook and Twitter to showcase more transitions from food to cause. We supported these with conversational ads, Twitter unlock ads (requiring a user to tweet to reveal the message) and video vignettes to engage on scroll and bring quality to life.

Unlock Ads

By repurposing content across multiple channels, we generated real economies of scale for Co-op expanding reach and value without the need for major additional investment.


The snow globe shake effect proved a hugely successful part of the campaign. 6% engaged with content against a 5% benchmark, and 3.6% clicked through to site (against a 2% benchmark). Of the various creatives employed, a Xmas Star themed shake creative proved most effective in terms of CTR, delivering 13.9%, while a mince-pie related shaker proved most-engaging (with a 6.6% engagement rate).

54% of those who watched Co-op’s videos via mobile viewed all 30s of content (8% up on the benchmark), and 20% of users clicked through to site, almost 50% up on the benchmark, a clear demonstration not only of the creative’s power, but also its targeting.


VCR (viewthrough conversions) and VTR (viewthrough rate) performance was strong achieving rates of 87.31% and 81.72% respectively.


The InSkin scroll activated reveal dramatically improved dwell time against typical benchmarks. The campaign delivered an average dwell time of 56 seconds, compared to a benchmark of 31 seconds


Programmatic displays using the ‘two sides’ approach drove viewability scores of 76% (19% above benchmark). 60% of those that engaged with programmatic ads explored all the content.