Co-op - 100% British

Creating Co-op Food’s digitally integrated campaign for summer 2017

In May 2017 Co-op Food became the first major supermarket to announce that all its fresh meat would be 100% British.

Now, Amaze is bringing that message to life, with an integrated, multi-channel campaign that shows the Co-op members, farmers and communities behind the commitment.

The challenge

Co-op has a surprise for its customers. Yet announcing its commitment to 100% British meat isn’t purely a story of sourcing. The decision means there are lots more tales to tell -  in terms of product quality, benefits to local communities, in Co-op’s commitment to farmers, and in terms of Co-op membership benefits.

For Amaze, the challenge is to show what it really means to be a Co-op member. That means identifying the right channels and messaging for different audiences, finding the right CTAs to trigger clicks, and adopting the right tone of voice to encourage more non-members to visit their local store, and encourage more members to visit again.

Device Showcase
Device Showcase
Device Showcase

Our approach and solution

Taking our lead from Co-op’s above the line activities, we have developed a range of digital formats and content that approach customers in two ways: by offering solutions, and by engaging them at an emotional level with content that encourages them to try Co-op Food.

Our solution-based content is built on education and inspiration. We amplify Co-op's summer recipes on digital to push foward the 100% British message and inspire users, these are also combined with deals to enjoy over the summer holidays. We’re also using content to educate Co-op’s audience - about its work with farmer’s groups, and the ways in which members are helping Co-op support local communities.

We use a variety of different display formats to raise cross-channel awareness. Takeover units on mobile use a Mozoo interactive unit to engage and drive viewers towards their nearest store. Here, the introductory image and message transition to reveal the deals, with subtle calls to action (such as pulsing arrows) to encourage users to keep swiping to find the right deal for them.

Co-op Summer 1

On the website we’ve supported range, deal and recipe information with stories of how Co-op has achieved its important ‘100% British’ milestone. Thinking mobile first, we have added hotspot functionalities to the website, and pop-ups and swipe touch for a swift, simple mobile experience. 

Co-op Summer 2

Emotional engagement is a major aim of the campaign, and we are achieving this through social channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Here, animated content and landing pages show the 100% British product range enriching summer occasions including picnics and BBQs.

We are using these situations to spark conversation, engaging users to explore their summer “moments of sharing”. Through AB testing and polls, we’ve given Co-op a better understanding of what its customers like, so we can use Twitter moments and Instagram stories to better engage with them.

Dynamic Content

To drive conversation among existing Co-op members, we have developed a series of ‘100% British’ emails. These personalise content based on the membership level of the recipient, offering recipes and deals to encourage members back in store, and reminding them of the benefits of membership (from competitions and instant win coupons, to community rewards). Each email uses dynamic content such as GIFs and videos to grab the attention.

Co-op Summer 4


Mozoo’s rich media interstitial displayed strong engagement rates (9.43% vs. 5% benchmark).

Oath’s Devil unit demonstrated excellent engagement metrics. It is a success that burst 3 did so well, showing that a creative refresh was effective at combating creative wear out.

Canvas/Carousel ad formats – played an important part when driving website traffic. In addition to this Canvas ads had a strong dwell time, showing our audience’s interest in engaging with the creative content.

Vignette Ads registered strong VTRs that proved its success in getting the campaign key message to our targeted audience with effective creative approach.