Creating an immersive customer experience 


In order to create a highly immersive experience, the in-store display was designed using a variety of interactive technologies.

These technologies uniquely communicate with one another. Using a connected large wall mounted screen and iPad, rich 4K video, depth and motion tracking cameras are combined to attract and react to passing customers.

Once engaged customers are invited to answer a series of questions through the iPad to match them to the perfect shoe for their preference and running habits.


The ASICS Product Advisor is a fully-immersive and interactive experience, which is not only memorable and able to capture the attention of customers who may otherwise have left stores empty-handed, but also allows customers to interact with the brand on a one-to-one basis and match them with products which directly meet their needs.

To date, ASICS, together with Amaze, has so far launched the initial version of the Product Advisor at three European stores (Hamburg, Munich and Toulouse) and it has been featured at two major marathons, most recently in Barcelona. More stores are also in development.