Air Charter Service

Global roll-out of 63 sites for leading air-chartering business


Amaze’s brief was to overhaul Air Charter Service’s digital proposition globally, reaffirming its market leading position for aircraft chartering worldwide, including private jets, commercial, cargo and on-board couriers.

ACS Device Showcase

Our Approach

Improved user experience and an enhanced brand story is central to the design of the fully responsive site. The site needed to address each of the organisation’s stakeholder groups; from customers who wanted to book a private jet; to those who need to charter a jet for commercial reasons; or for those needing haulage of equipment through to aid relief in war-torn countries. What was important here was ensuring they have a seamless digital experience as well as one tailored to reflect their diverse service needs. 

One of the their key objectives was to use digital to expand geographical reach without having the physical presence there. The new website has allowed them to use digital as a way to grow the business, where they previously had no presence.

Finally, with global expansion, we wanted to ensure there was a consistent Air Charter Service global brand message.

The Solution

We built the the website using Tridion 2013 together with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The platform enabled Air Charter Service for the first time to rapidly translate & deploy new sites across the world with the minimum of IT involvement. After an initial delivery of 3 primary language sites ACS have completed the roll out of 63 sites in 10 months. This includes 34 primary language sites & 29 secondary language sites: in 11 languages, including Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

The combination of the Tridion platform with AWS proved a successful partnership for the their China launch. Usually, new sites in China are difficult to launch, however the Chinese Air Charter site was delivered in just 2 weeks. 

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Continual Enhancement Programme

Since we launched last year, we continue to make improvements to the customer experience, ensuring we have the right mix of content and service information. Since launch we have developed a blog, destination guides as well as better use of their data including live price updates.


Since launch, comparing year on year, initial results have been extremely favourable



Visits have improved 60.4% and monthly visits are now in the region of c. 10k.


Search volumes have improved 70.2% when comparing pre to post.


Conversion rate has improved by 106% Y.O.Y.