Social Media

Social Media


At its core, social media is about people, the conversations and the interactions that happen, offset against the ever-changing tools, platforms and networks they use to stay connected with each other - and with brands.

Our skill lies in understanding those behaviours, attitudes, preferences, influences and platforms. The diverse capabilities we have means we can tailor a framework to fully realise brand success on social media.

And, as the strategic importance of social media grows bigger so does the need to organise and use it effectively throughout an entire business. We help build cross-functional teams to properly harness emerging opportunities being created by social media. 

Social Media Strategy

To help our clients realise the true business value of social media, we develop a full set of strategic priorities and actions.

By providing a diagnosis of current activity mapped against competitors we can generate a detailed strategic and operational roadmap for improving activity in line with measurable goals.

We make sure our strategic approach delivers great value by:

  • Building affinity and enhancing reputations
  • Shaping and amplifying influence and trust
  • Driving cost efficiencies and savings

Social Campaigns

With such a broad range of capabilities in house, we can easily create end-to-end solutions across all social channels.

From planning and set up, we’ll take care of creative content and search engine optimisation, amplification and promotion. We’ll also measure not just likes and shares, but the true value to the business so we can repeat and refine the execution strategies.

Our deep understanding of customer behaviour makes sure each campaign sparks conversations and engages, inspires and involves its target. There are no gimmicks or discounts, just shareable, relevant communications. And if needed, we can exploit social media’s real-time power by reacting at the speed of the consumer.

Community and Customer Engagement

Truly engaged communities with mutual interests and passions don’t always welcome brands with open arms. But as we understand the principles and nuances needed to grow a thriving community, we can help deepen a brand’s relationship with existing and potential customers, while reducing the cost of re-connecting with them again in the future.

Social Intelligence

There is more to social media monitoring than simply listening and reporting on how many times a brand is mentioned.

We see the bigger picture, understanding the value of knowing what people talk about – even when it’s not the brand itself. Using our tools and analysis techniques we can assess what motivates and interests people, how they influence others and how they are influenced. We give brand mentions some context, and develop insights that will inform operational and tactical activity right across the business.

Social Commerce

Looking beyond the placement of 'share' buttons on a website, social commerce looks to understand the part that habit, routine, content, context and reward all have to play in narrowing consideration and making choices in a purchase. We can do more with user-generated content, such as customer ratings and reviews, on-site social validation and we can realise the value of social login functionality.

Social CRM

Social CRM is a layer of data that complements transactional data and wider customer profiles. Brands that know how to use it can gain a far better understanding of their customers - their intent, their interests, their passions, their affinities and their networks. We use it to inform and personalise activity, by developing, deepening and re-igniting the customer-brand relationship across multiple channels.