Technology, design, content and social considerations drive search performance and long-term engagements. But, as search engines evolve to address the needs of the user more effectively, we help businesses navigate their way through this dynamic landscape to continually grow their digital audiences and maintain visibility, even as algorithms change. 

Our starting point is to ensure the right technical and coding approaches are in place at site build, creating site architecture that is optimised for natural search – long before any inbound strategies are executed. SEO is fully integrated within our client digital ecosystems, it’s never a bolt on. We also work closely with Data Intelligence and Paid Media teams to ensure that all our decisions are driven by data.

SEO strategy

Starting with thoroughly understanding the market and how consumers utilise organic search, we build an SEO strategy focused around quality, unique and shareable content that is presented on a search engine friendly platform.

We understand that content comes in a wide variety of forms, not just text on a page. And that content must always be beneficial to the consumer, not just search engines. This is at the heart of all our organic search strategies.

Content Strategy

Our content strategy is always based around user intent – what people are trying to find. We perform keyword research to understand exactly what terms searchers are entering to locate content and information, and how successful they are. This allows us to establish how competitive and popular specific areas, markets and industries are in search, and use the most relevant keywords at all times. And because search engines also prioritise the quality of the user experience – not just keywords – we make sure our content is always as rewarding and engaging as possible

These insights can then be used by our in-house journalists to publish articles, news updates, images and video, to make sure our content has the best possible chance of performing well.

As social signals are now becoming an important ranking factor with search engines, we also work with our social team to pass social authority to brand websites, making sure our editorial content remains highly visible.

Influencer Outreach

Sometimes it’s not what you know but who know. Building brand advocacy through relationships with bloggers and other influencers can help brands create authentic connections with new audiences. Our PR team works with the SEOs to create these kind of long-lasting partnerships.