Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Amaze One is a new collaboration that combines the digital marketing of Amaze with data driven know-how of Occam into a unique CRM offering that comprises the practices, strategies and technologies used to manage, record and evaluate customer interactions.

We create exceptional customer experiences by uniting a breadth of channel and data understanding – each informing, and informed by, the other. Our approach creates communications built on unique insight, using standout communications to drive profit through engagement.

Research and Understanding

The best results come from a deep understanding of a brand’s customers, and the relationship they have with them. That’s why we build a rich knowledge base of markets, products, channels and customers, so we can recommend strategies that will match brand ambitions, and allow informed choices to be made.

Prospect to Customer

Our campaign lifecycle pivots around comprehensive campaign design. We spend time understanding the prospects and how to convert them by creating and timing the interventions that trigger action. The next campaign will be informed by analysing these results, and so the cycle builds.

CRM Execution

Creating a brilliant customer experience is about turning deep customer insights - their intent, their interests, their passions, their affinities and their networks - into powerful, relevant communications. We use it to inform and personalise activity, to develop, deepen and re-ignite the customer-brand relationship, creating content that drives engagement across multiple channels.

Data and Technology

Working closely with our sister company Occam, we design and build database environments to support marketing communications. Partnering with leading technology providers such as IBM, Apteco, Adobe Campaign and SugarCRM we bring market-leading technology to our clients. We have also built our own proprietary technology that allows the matching and duplication of data to provide a single record of a customer and their current and historical interaction with the business.