Commerce Improvement

With your platform live and trading, we turn our focus to ensuring it continually delivers the best possible experience whilst maximising performance. Together, our data intelligence team, experience designers and strategists develop a programme of improvement guaranteed to keep you competitive, improving revenue and loyalty.

We work with your merchandisers, marketers and product teams to evolve the platform through testing, feature development and content improvements, evaluating the impact of the changes we make and sharing this insight within your business.

Our range of proprietary data intelligence tools help you identify, size and prioritise improvements across your platform. Content value modelling scores the value of your content, showing you how it can work harder to influence sales. And our performance diagnostic reviews offer a benchmarked view of performance enabling you to prioritise improvements on the basis of expected revenue.

Everything we do aligns with the proposition, helping you prove the case for further digital investment in specific services and capabilities, and enabling you to communicate success back to the business.