Commerce Implementation

Our process takes a business, brand and customer experience-based approach to your project. It’s what sets us apart in the market. 


We support businesses looking to put a new commerce solution in place or to re-platform and equally, businesses already trading who want to replace or re-build an element of their existing commerce infrastructure.


To select the right solutions for your business and ensure you are able to deliver on your customer and brand promises we can help you define how your business plans to operate across:

  • Product, Price & inventory
  • Order Management
  • Payment & settlement
  • Data management
  • Dispatch & logistics
  • Customer Services

With a model in place across these factors we work with you to compare vendors on the basis of closeness of fit against your requirements, operational set-up and likely cost of development and ownership.

If a build is required our User Experience and Creative teams conceive, user test and design a brand-appropriate experience for your business, working closely with technologists to deliver the solution in conjunction with existing systems and services.

More than a platform

Commerce at Amaze is about far more than platform delivery. We ensure your business is ready to operate. We have helped clients identify fulfilment and warehouse management partners. We’ve supported them in preparing customer and product data for new platforms. We’ve selected payment providers and advised on organisational structure. We’ve even supported recruitment for clients looking to access new markets.

Many of our clients use digital commerce to move into new territories – and Amaze has the global expertise to help. We help you balance global models with localised services that deliver the best results. We help you identify where and how your fulfilment and payment options should vary, how merchandising and content need to be adapted to suit each market.

We also work with clients to define and implement digital governance frameworks and standards. We can help you monitor operations across a multi-site or multi-country operation. And when our global clients have wanted to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, we have identified the content and performance improvements that have delivered a marked difference in sales performance.