Commerce Strategy

A commercial proposition

Creating a compelling experience for your customers means reviewing your market, understanding what makes your customers tick and determining your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Together we’ll create a proposition and set of objectives to establish your brand, define your competitive territory and support your longer-term strategy.

We’ll help you develop a business case for your project, with a holistic approach that considers initial and on going investment and sales projections for your various channels, products and territories.

An acquisition plan that stacks up

Amaze understands acquisition. We’ll help you maximise qualified organic traffic through targeted SEO that works hand-in-hand with your content strategy, support you in maximising the commercial value of your social channels and help you establish a paid media operation.

Our integrated communications team are experts in natural, social and paid media. Together, they develop content, messaging and media strategies that maximise the value of each channel from a brand and commercial perspective.

Measurement is key to the success of any channel strategy. By combining click stream and behavioural platform intelligence with channel tracking, we offer you a clear view of sales performance. The results can inform your investment decisions, help you to optimise the landing experience by channel, improve relevance for the customer and boost conversion rate.

Digitising your retail estate

The boundaries of the shopping experience have shifted. Digital and physical no longer occupy the same distinct spaces they once did.

Through our ‘lab’ approach we help clients identify, prototype and deliver solutions (from product experiences to full shop-in-shop solutions) that help to enhance the in-store journey using mobile apps and services.

We’ve helped ASICS deliver a ground-breaking product advisor in their brand and partner stores. For Lexus, we delivered a virtual reality-powered test drive experience. And for Unilever, we offered staff a retail-style computer and smartphone ordering service within their business.