Digital Commerce: Creating Advantage in a World of Change

Digital Commerce: Creating Advantage in a World of Change

With digital retail expected to contribute to more than 15% of global retail sales by 2022, key sectors are changing shape and creating new opportunities for companies who can adapt.

Ranging from a rising trend in overseas shopping, innovations in fashion-tech and the rise of the on-demand economy this whitepaper offers in-depth insight into what to watch out for.

AmazeRealise's new whitepaper outlines the current threats and opportunities facing brands and retailers and offers a three-step guide to harnessing the power of Digital commerce to come out on top.

In response to these changes in commerce AmazeRealise has identified three key traits in the DNA of today’s successful companies.

1. The ability to adapt

2. The ability to make the right digital connections

3. The ability to organise for growth

Focusing on these traits our whitepaper provides practical steps and real-world case studies illustrating how AmazeRealise has successfully helped their clients create advantage through digital.

Jasper Bell, Head of Commerce, comments “AmazeRealise is passionate about helping businesses reach their potential in digital commerce. This whitepaper and our consulting service both aim to help clients get ahead of change. Newcomers to digital commerce and brands already trading online can learn how to make decisions that create real advantage for the longer term. It’s about maximising their people, partnerships and capabilities.”



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