Whitepaper: The Digital Enterprise Hub

Whitepaper: The Digital Enterprise Hub

Forrester predicts that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will “drive the insights revolution in 2017”. Gartner claims that AI and machine learning have reached a “critical tipping point”, and that by 2020, 30% of web browsing will happen without a screen.

As once fledgling technologies, such as AI, Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT) take their place in the mainstream, we have reached a point where, if they are to exploit new revenue streams and gain a competitive advantage, businesses need to consolidate their digital strategies.

Yet many are not in a position to harness the true power digital advancements can afford – primarily because their current digital estates cannot deliver. Organisations are still not using data in real-time, or sharing data across departments.

In this white paper, Amaze explores the concept of the unifying, enterprise grade digital hub – the ‘app store’-like tool that provides the decision-making and intelligence needed to align all digital assets. 

The paper explores the benefits of adopting a hub approach, examines the innovators already adopting a hub strategy, and asks where businesses should begin in building their own digital hub.

As you’ll discover, for many, the foundations are already in place.

Download the white paper here