Survival of the slickest?

Survival of the slickest?

Disruption is set to displace 4 of the top 10 organisations across every industry. But how does disruption occur? How are challenger brands harnessing it to their advantage? Can you spot a disruptor before they disrupt? And what can you do about it?

Amaze’s new whitepaper offers new insights for every business seeking to futureproof itself against the new, agile kids on the block.

If four out of the top ten companies in their field are set to be displaced by disruptors, what are the other six doing to maintain their position? Amaze’s latest whitepaper explores the DNA of a disruptor and asks what steps existing businesses need to take to compete.

The whitepaper explores:

  • The characteristics of a disruptor
  • Why existing businesses create the environment for challengers to thrive
  • How customer expectations drive disruption
  • How to spot a disruptor before they disrupt
  • How to create frictionless customer experiences, and take on challenger brands at their own game
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Survival of the slickest

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