How Amaze helped make fish cool…

How Amaze helped make fish cool…

…by getting saucy.

You can’t claim brand ‘coolness’. It’s something your customers have to give you. That’s what happened to The Saucy Fish Co when Amaze helped the brand become the first ever fish business to join the CoolBrands list in 2013. With 2016’s list announced – and still with Amaze at their side – Saucy Fish remains as cool as ever.

The list is drawn from votes by 2,500 consumers combined with the decisions of a judging panel (“the Council”) of 36 influencers including business leaders, fashion designers, actors, vloggers and musicians.

Votes are cast on the basis of authenticity, desirability, innovation and originality – qualities you might immediately associate with Apple, Aston Martin, Instagram, Spotify or Glastonbury (all brands on the list) - but perhaps not something you’d expect to find in fish.

A splash of colour in a sea of blandness

When Seachill launched Saucy Fish Co in 2010, its aim was to encourage more supermarket shoppers to eat more fish. They did that by combining their products with a complementary sauce, and giving the range distinctive, colourful packaging and a lively personality.

But it’s how that personality has connected with the company’s target audience that has made the difference. At the digital heart of the brand is a hub called The Dock which, with its recipes, videos and features available across multiple channels and devices, gives consumers reasons to spend time with the brand. And they’ve been doing it in, well, shoals.

In late 2015, Amaze worked with The Saucy Fish Co. to build the online Saucy Shop, letting Saucy fans to buy Saucy products directly for the first time. The Saucy Shop allows consumers the opportunity to explore the brand’s wide range of 16 different products, including: Fish & Sauce, Foil Bake Bag, 1 Perfect Portion, Fish Cakes and Ready to Eat.

If you have to say you’re cool, you probably aren’t

Sales and Marketing Director, Amanda Webb comments: “The brand launched with the ambition of shaking up the fish industry and changing consumer’s attitudes towards cooking fish at home, and this ambition still underpins everything we do. Marketing is very important to us as a brand and we are very active in terms of PR, however we don’t believe cool can be ‘bought’. We’ve always said that being cool is something you have to earn and The Saucy Fish Co. have worked hard to earn CoolBrand status for four consecutive years now.”

Saucy have some extremely “cool” plans for the next 12 months, so cool in fact, some may say our plans are frozen! Watch this space…

You can find out more about how we helped make the Saucy Fish Co cool here.