Whitepaper: Unlocking Content Strategy

Whitepaper: Unlocking Content Strategy

Our latest whitepaper “Unlocking content strategy to drive superior customer experience” is available to download. This best practice guide identifies the role content plays in enhancing the overall customer experience, as well as the key steps for developing and implementing an effective content strategy, including a newly developed content maturity model. 

The Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 content marketing report revealed that although 76% of B2C marketers use content marketing, yet only 37% say their strategy is effective. This is indicative of the fact that many businesses have yet to view content as a strategic asset. Our whitepaper explores how while a purely tactical approach to content can work in the short-term, it fails to address the wider challenges faced. However, if approached correctly, content is an important strategic asset that can be elemental to business success. The key to this lies in originating an overarching, company-wide content strategy, rather than focusing on operational and tactical elements.

The path to becoming a content business is not necessarily a neat, linear, growth sequence and at Amaze, we believe all organisations should be working towards a final goal of becoming a truly content-led business. This latest white paper includes Amaze’s newly developed content maturity model, to help organisations assess where they are on their content journey, as well five practical steps for developing an effective content strategy. 

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Unlocking Content Strategy

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