Amaze launches new academy

Amaze launches new academy

Amaze's unique approach will equip digital innovators of the future with the practical skills and experience needed to become technical professionals.

The innovative programme takes a unique approach to proactively tackling the current digital skills gap, by offering a fast tracked, discipline-specific syllabus. This will equip graduates with the real-life, marketable skills and experience to transform them into high value technical professionals.

The programme will be managed by Stuart Kirby, Experience Trainer, who has joined Amaze from The Manchester College and who has several years experience in curriculum design, development and strategy.

There are approximately 1.46 million digital industry jobs currently in the UK, with 5.4% growth expected by 2020. In addition, it’s estimated that the UK will need 750,000 more digitally skilled workers by 2017 to meet growing demand.As such, fostering real-life, proven technical digital skills will benefit individuals, industry and the economy alike.

Matt Clarke, Chief Technology Officer at Amaze comments: “The digital landscape is fast moving and ever evolving, affecting every part of day to day life and permeating across all sectors. The advantages of gaining the skills to lead in such an industry cannot be ignored. Yet all the signs point towards a significant digital skills gap.

“We have introduced the Amaze Academy to address that gap. Our approach differs from traditional training programmes in that we focus on specific disciplines – initially technology – and fast track candidates, equipping them with highly marketable, specific and practical skills, enabling them to rapidly progress.

“The syllabus we have created is challenging, but highly rewarding, so if you think you have what it takes to be a developer of the future then get in touch.”

The Amaze Academy programme will take on six candidates from September 2015, to be based in Manchester, Liverpool or London.

The fast track syllabus, to be completed over six months includes a range of key modules including; core development, content management systems as well as eCommerce platforms and transactional systems.

If you are interested in applying for the position please include your CV with a covering letter to