Analytics Premium reseller

Analytics Premium reseller

Amaze has become one of only nine agencies in the UK to receive accreditation as a Google Analytics Premium Authorised Reseller across the international markets that it currently supports its clients within.

The accreditation is an acknowledgement of Amaze’s industry leading expertise in Google Analytics, having been a partner since 2009. It means it will be able to officially support clients that are looking to migrate to the Premium version of the platform. Its Premium Reseller status also provides the agency with access to exclusive material as well as features not available to standard Google Analytics Authorised Consultants.

One of the most important features, recently launched at the May Google Analytics Annual Summit, is Executive Reporting. This feature provides marketers with the flexibility to report and compare the performance of multiple websites across an entire digital estate. It also identifies how customers navigate across the estate to understand the role and value of each digital property.

Google Analytics Premium is now available for Universal Analytics customers too, which has just come out of beta. Universal Analytics is a fundamental rebuild of the core Google Analytics technology and addresses the challenge of how to track users accessing a clients’ digital content across multiple platforms and devices. It is also now possible to upload broader business data back into the system, even ambient data, such as weather patterns. This means Google Analytics has shifted from purely focusing on operating in the web analytics domain, to the business intelligence space.

Paul Carysforth, Head of Data Intelligence at Amaze, commented, “Our focus has always been to provide our clients with the most effective solution for meeting their business objectives and the new features will provide an increasingly attractive proposition for enterprise-level businesses, particularly those with omni-channel requirements in the retail and ecommerce space. This accreditation ensures Amaze can support its clients across all of these requirements and will help us to continue delivering unrivalled digital business solutions.
“Achieving this, is a testament to the strength and experience we have within our Data Intelligence offering and we look forward to building on the success of our existing relationship with Google.