Pena Relationship builder


Pena knows she has technology to thank for keeping her in touch with her best friend, for starting to bring her school and drama friends together, and for finding online someone / the friend she met at V-festival (they now keep in touch via Snapchat).

Yet Pena knows where to draw the line. Social may be fine for a quick “I’m sorry” but she feels face-to-face is better for solving issues: “You can truly get out your feelings, and you can walk away if you want to, whereas with messages, the temptation is always there, because the message is sitting there.”

Pena finds her phone eating up too much of her life and it interrupts her study “but it’s too addictive not to do it.” So she psyches herself into not checking it, telling herself “If you check your phone, you are going to miss your train home.”

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