Nancy Follower of digital fashion


Nancy wants a career in fashion. She finds bags of inspiration on Pinterest and eBay, and follows “loads” of stylists and designers on Instagram to see what their latest works are.

She’s not a massive poster, but when she does post she likes them to reflect her arty side.

At the moment she’s posting to a colour/black and white theme she curates carefully: “if it doesn’t look good in black and white, then I can’t post it.”

Nancy doesn’t believe she’s obsessed by followers in the way others are (“some people buy followers and likes”), but she knows there are “41 people that I follow that don’t follow me back, but 326 that follow me that I don’t follow back, and 2 people that have blocked me – hmm!”

Nancy loves watching YouTube vloggers including Alex Wasabi and Marcus Butler: “They are really funny, I don’t know what I get from it, I just enjoy watching them.” She also keeps her Snapchat Streaks going with her best friend. They’ve won the yellow love heart and don’t want to lose it so they keep posting every day: “Thinking about it now, why do we do that?!”

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