Jacob Seeking the positives online


For Jacob, the highlight of the day is when he’s able to focus on his passions. He’ll have chatted briefly with friends on Facebook during the day but the conversation really starts when he meets them again online via his Xbox.

He also gets paid to test and review games, putting in 12-20 hours over a week or fortnight.

His music management role involves sorting out the “admin side, endorsements, travel, exposure, press, marketing” for 4 bands. He doesn’t get paid, but he gets to attend gigs and gets a huge amount of gratification out of it.

Jacob is conflicted about social media. Snapchat is “for vain people. Facebook does exactly what Twitter does now, but on a better platform,” but he’s hugely frustrated by the negativity of Facebook and its “clickbait” culture. He’s far more positive about Instagram – especially for his bands – and YouTube, which “is a big influence on my life”. From Netflix to music, Jacob accesses everything via his phone and he has no issues with the amount of time he spends on it.

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