Ella Digital self-editor


Ella has just started university. Before she arrived Ella found groups on Facebook and WhatsApp enabled her to connect with other freshers – students on her course and in her apartment block.

“I think that was reassuring, being able to speak to other people,” although she admits to editing her Instagram account to ensure she appeared “nice and normal”.

Ella manages her Instagram account carefully. “If something doesn’t get enough likes on Instagram, you’ve got to delete it - you have to have 60 or 70 likes for something to stay on there.”

She needed self-discipline to avoid technology distracting her during her exams: “I would hide my phone [and] say to myself ‘I’ll work for this long and then I will go on my phone for a bit’.”

Ella doesn’t use Facebook much. “You can’t really have a rant on there, I think Twitter is more for that now,” so she uses Twitter more than Facebook because, “it’s just more people that I follow and that follow me - you can be yourself a bit more.”

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