The Amaze Generation

5 years. 1 unique study. 


Digital Me

How the Amaze Generation is shaping its digital future – and the implications for society and brands

In 2011, we set out on a unique study, following a group of 10-15 year olds on an up close and personal journey through their digital lives.

We joined them as they explored the digital world. We watched as they took their first steps in the world of social media. And we discovered how technology and the internet are shaping their behaviours and attitudes, and how they, in turn, are changing society.

We call them the Amaze Generation.

In this, the final report following our digital natives, we explore what their interactions with the digital world mean for the rest of us when trying to engage with an audience that is ‘always on’, splits its personae, builds its own brands, and expects its online experiences to be real and raw.

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Meet the Amaze Generation

For 5 years, they’ve been our guides in the world of the digital native.

They are technology shapers, personal brand builders, natural digital strategists and content editors. They want validation but not intrusion; constant communication but real and intimate networks; platforms that inform, inspire and enable. And they want it all now. They are the Amaze Generation, and in this final study we’ve selected some of the most engaged members for a deeper dive into their digital worlds.