Amaze’s Rick Curtis will examine why a lot of digital strategies fail and what to do to avoid that.

Rick Curtis, Amaze Chief Strategy Officer will be presenting ‘Why most digital strategies don’t work…’ at Marketing Week Live next week. His presentation will take place on Thursday the 28th at 14.00 in the Content Management and Marketing Arena in the Online Marketing Show at Marketing Week Live.

We are living in an always- on society - constant technology changes and the rapid rise of social media and mobile mean that the digital landscape is becoming more fragmented. At the same time, organizations are investing more and more resources, both people and financial, into their digital activity.

Yet, the TNS Digital Life report, Nov 2011, found that “misguided digital strategies are generating mountains of digital waste... digital waste is the accumulation of thousands of brands rushing online without thinking who they want to talk to – and why”.

Quite simply, a lot of digital strategies don’t work.

Rick will talk through the primary reasons for this and what you need to do to ensure your digital strategy is aligned, achievable and sustainable.

Entry to the event is free and you can register here -