Digital internal communications project to engage Coca-Cola’s GB employees in their Olympic Games sponsorship.

Coca-Cola was determined to use the build-up to London 2012 to connect with its 5,300 GB employees to inspire pride and personal best performance, to engage them with the plans for the Games sponsorship, and to transform their use of digital communications.

The Coca-Cola employee base is a complex and diverse audience group to reach effectively, especially using digital media. Many are not office based and over two thirds have little or no regular access to a PC as part of their job.

Amaze created a core digital hub – the Coca-Cola Olympic Zone combined with showcase screens in prominent places at all 22 GB sites with PC kiosks located close by. 

The channels were supported by a full editorial programme providing a constant flow of news about plans for London 2012. In addition a series Get Involved Moments were created by Amaze to drive further engagement, including:

• Olympic Memories Map – An interactive map of employee’s favourite Olympic memories

• BeatMap – A living piece of digital art made up of photos of employees making letters and numbers using their body, positioned on a digital Olympic torch route and revealed as the torch travelled around the country

• @Share 2012 – An aggregated area of social content – tweets, photos and blog posts of employee experiences and stories - with an average dwell time of 6 minutes

• Fantasy London 2012 – An online fantasy game with a points base system based on medal performance which was updated daily to encourage players to check in

Currently 67% of the total GB employee base had taken part in Olympic Zone, against a target of 50%.